Fiva – Gordon Stainforth


Published: 2012
Reading style: moderate
Images: B&W selection

What the publisher says:

An Adventure That Went Wrong

The epic true story of a near-death experience on a mountain in Norway.

In the summer of 1969, as Apollo 11 was blasting off to the moon, two teenage twin brothers, with only three years’ mountaineering experience, set off to climb one of the highest rock faces in Europe. With just two bars of chocolate, some sandwiches, a four-sentence route description, and an old sketch map, they left their tent early one morning with the full expectation of being back in time for tea. Within a few hours things had gone badly wrong, they were looking death in the face, and the English Home Counties seemed very far away …

‘What a brilliant and refreshing read! Once started you just can’t put it down’ Sir Chris Bonington, CBE

‘A wonderful, nostalgic, gripping, classic yarn with great humour’ Joe Simpson

Finalist – Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature 2012

Winner – Mountain Literature Award BANFF FESTIVAL 2012

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